5 Great Investment Ideas for Youngsters
5 Great Investment Ideas for Youngsters
Landcom Team 20-Aug-2018

5 Great Investment Ideas for Youngsters

#1. Equity:

This is the most prominent investment option available for youngsters. Young people like challenges and excitement, something that they can derive from equity investments. Day trading in equities is like a roller-coaster ride and it can provide the adrenaline rush youngsters are looking for. Another great thing about intraday equity investments is the potential for huge profits. Youngsters like the idea of booking instant profits in intraday equity trading. Certainly, there can be losses too, but youngsters can easily bear such losses. Equity investments can also be done from a long-term perspective, with the goal to achieve returns of around 10-20 percent every year. Equity investment is among the options that provide returns higher than the rate of inflation.

#2. Real Estate Investments

Buying property is no longer the cumbersome and long-drawn process it used to be. Today, it’s possible to book a property online with just a few clicks. Moreover, home loans are readily available, providing finance up to 100 percent of the price of the property. These positive changes have made real estate investments a preferred option for youngsters. Real estate investment is among the options that give returns higher than the rate of inflation. If you buy a property, you can earn rental income from it. The value of the property will also continue to increase every year. Real estate investment can thus give you the twin benefits of regular income and value appreciation. Real estate investments are probably the most secure and profitable in the long term

#3. Gold:

Youngsters can invest in physical gold coins or bullion Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). Gold prices have seen significant ups and downs over the years, but they remain adequately profitable in the long term. Gold investments work as an effective hedge against investments risks, which is why it can be useful for young investors. Youngsters who are investing in high-risk options such as equities can include gold in their portfolio to balance their overall risk. Another thing about gold is that it shines more during economic downturns when other investment options start to lose their luster. As such, gold investment can be an effective backup against economic shocks.

#4. Cryptocurrency:

Buying cryptocurrency has become hugely popular among youngsters due to the ease of trading and the potential for higher returns. Cryptocurrencies have a certain allure and glamour to them, which attracts young investors. Even though there have been some scams and the Government has also banned banks and digital wallets from trading in cryptocurrency, experts feel that cryptocurrencies will survive these negative trends. Experts believe that these are temporary setbacks and new rules may be evolved in the future to allow trading in cryptocurrency in India. Even with the Government ban, investors have the option to transfer their holdings to an international cryptocurrency exchange and get the money remitted from there.

#5. Invest in art:

For youngsters with interest in art, buying paintings and other art pieces can be a great investment option. If you purchase the right art, its value will continue to increase over the years. You can take pride in your personal art collection and be assured that your investments are continuously growing in monetary terms. It is also possible to rent your art collection to art galleries or for special exhibitions. This way, you can earn rental income on your art collection.

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